Laposte Mail is definitely an online messaging service offering a service for exchanging emails and documents at any time. Proposed by Laposte for many years and refurbished in 2014, the messaging service is accessible from the site, by clicking on the “” button located at the top right of the site, where by entering the address directly in the search bar.

LaPoste, a postal service operator, created its free messaging service in August 2000, and provides an @ address for all French people who want to acquire one. LaPoste messaging provides a storage space of 10 GB, the potential of sending approximately 10MB of attachments to its contacts, and managing up to 500 of such contacts in the space focused on it. It also offers an integrated antivirus, protection against spam and access from your cell phone using the LaPoste Mobile application (My Space La Poste Mobile – Google Play). is also a web portal that allows usage of various practical information (news, weather, entertainment, sports, etc.), not to mention in parallel to all the details necessary for sending or receiving letters. , parcels, registered as well as other physical postal movements.

Additionally, the Post values ??the messaging service it gives you, mainly due to the fact that e-mail exchanges are “carbon neutral”; in reality, unlike sending paper mail, sending electronic messages will not generate (or little) CO2 emissions, therefore indirectly less pollution. is simple to use and gives many functions, classic of your email inbox, called “webmail”. Indeed, because of its various functionalities, provides you with the methods to manage your electronic mailbox wherever you happen to be in the world. Its storage capacity is 10 GB and the sending of attached files is limited to 10 MB. Simultaneously, the user can make use of the messagerie laposte for entertainment and information. In addition, the functionality of continues to be improved.

You can will have a storage space of 5 GB to archive all of your emails, a built-in antispam which is often used to effectively filter unwanted messages, a latest antivirus to protect your PC from viruses transmitted by email and a possibility to send out as much as 20 MB of attachments in your contacts. The other strong points of this messaging are various, like the chance of designing approximately six aliases in order to communicate under different names with the same mailbox, an import and export of address book, an elaborate system of message filters as well as a “lifetime” address.

If any evolution of a services are certainly accompanied by its share of disappointments, the brand new version of is not any exception to this particular rule. is criticized to have an unreadable interface and also the ergonomic finishes are certainly not well maintained. The colors are bland, the use of shades of blue can make it challenging to distinguish between read and unread emails as well as the font is not pleasant. Furthermore, it takes place that contacts disappear. Although some users have been fortunate enough to ask them to reappear, others can will no longer permanently access their contact groups.

Additionally, the handling of the newest spam filter is heartbreaking. Many messages can land directly within the “Spam” folder, while these messages are normal correspondence. Finally, we can notice persistent bugs. Even if several bugs have been fixed since the launch of the new edition, some continue to persist. The HTML version, which should really replace the Ajax version, is still not activable and a few users mention connection problems on

Laposte Mail is surely an online messaging service offering services for exchanging emails and documents whenever you want. Proposed by Laposte for many years and refurbished in 2014, the messaging services are accessible from the site, by clicking on the “” button located at the top right from the site, where simply by entering the address directly in the search bar.

To connect to the messaging service, you must have a Laposte mailbox. Its creation, totally free, can be performed directly on the home page of the site, by clicking on the button “Make your free mailbox” located below the connection field. When creating the email address, you must enter a certain amount of private information (Last name, first name, civility, date of birth), as well because the postal address (City, street name, postal code …). ), then the identifiers (email address and password). Thereafter, only these last two bits of information are important for your connection.

In the case of a connection problem, it is easy to re-enter identifiers by going back to your home page, to make contact with the service or even to declare you have forgotten your password. The “Contact” function refers to an interactive FAQ where, after entering the question, the most relevant fact is displayed. There exists nevertheless a “Contact by e-mail” tab, in vlitnr a question remains unanswered.

Forgot your password?

Finally, the link “Forgot your password?” gives use of an identity verification form which requests the date of birth, the city of birth as well as the postal code from the host to residence indicated during registration. If some of this info is incorrect, it will probably be required to initiate a support procedure by contacting customer care by email. If necessary, the new password will be activated. Mail Login – Learn More..

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