From the author of other drama-generating games designed specifically for millennial girls such as Demi Lovato: Road to Fame and Campus Crush: A College Love Drama, Episode Interactive brings us girly senior high school entertainment to the android and ios platforms by means of Episode – Choose Your Story.

Clearly marketed towards the upper class who are sure to enter Ivy League universities, most of us will find this story-based game tough to swallow, particularly if you’re a guy! No characters have dope or booze. No guns, smoking in the boy’s room, dropouts or gangsterism either. No cops. Something is amiss! They stripped each of the real fun out of high school!

So, onto Episode – Choose Your Story! ell, I have to admit Episode – Choose Your Story is quite unique with excellent graphics and good sound effects.

Regardless of the game not greater than 200MB in size Episode has tons of options and various outcomes. What annoys me is that this is clearly just for secondary school girls and I just can’t relate to all the slang, selfie-taking and gossip.

Banal conversation will be the order throughout the day and a lot of the characters fit the stereotype of the dazed and clueless millennial. I’m sure this is awesome for the audience this developer is targeting. Because of it being so unique and having too little intrusive ads I give Episode – Choose Your Story a 9/10 rating.

It might be perfect if there have been more free options so one can further customize their wardrobe. You can download Episode – Choose Your Story now and relive your teenage high school years! Grab Episode before graduation day!

It’s likely which you haven’t played Episode. The name may appear familiar because of a prolific marketing strategy, along with its consistent presence on the iOS/Google/Amazon App Store charts, but a brief glance may have led one to think ‘this isn’t for me.’

The app is sort of like Wattpad meets Choose Your Personal Adventure, with a panoply of episodes (branching narratives) to select from. The drama is portrayed by animated characters, as well as the aesthetic of the art is apparently targeted to teenage girls.

Which may be the reasons of inside the game community have already been overlooking Episode. But it has achieved serious success by pursuing a predominantly young female user base. By giving young ladies a platform for playing through animated interactive stories, plus simple intuitive tools to create their own stories, the Episode Free Gems Hack created an unsung blockbuster.

Over 2.5 billion episodes have already been played to date, amounting to over 38,000 many years of combined viewing time. And a lot of the episodes were developed by the app’s 5.5 million registered creators.

Much of Episode’s success is right down to its simplicity. Within moments of firing in the app, players can dive directly into a number of different stories.

Typically, tales are centered on romance or high school experiences, but there’s also room for branded stories built around recognizable IPs like Mean Girls and Pretty Little Liars. It’s ideal fodder to get a fertile ygxjih imagination, enhanced by the fact that the player’s decisions affect what happens next.

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