Caution: Remember that electricity is very hazardous and will destroy you within a heartbeat. Electrical power may also begin fires very easily, and fires could also kill you. The best way to get your house wired is by an authorized expert who knows your local codes.


House automation security can include anything from burglary to flame and floods detection. For this task we are going to concentrate on the two initially. While we selected the HAI Omni IIe Professional, we could have 16 security areas, approximately 16 keypads, 4 2-cables smoke loops, 176 4-cables smoke detectors and 2 64-areas wi-fi sensors. Lots of space to safe any house.

We shall place smoke sensors in every room nevertheless the kitchen (verify the local code in case),a Carbon dioxide sensor next to the furnace and alongside every fire place, a wireless window-break sensor for each window, a wi-fi recessed doorway sensor for every outdoors door, a wireless garage area door sensor for every door, one 4-switch Keyfob for every member of the family and one wanton damage proof keyboard for every outdoors door.

Some sensor will have to be wired unless we utilize the ITI GE Wi-fi Smoke Detectors related to the HAI Receiver for GE.

Monitoring (play space, spa, backyard…)

For this task we will utilize a System Electronic Video Recorder (NDVR) is a device that transmits video clip and sound data via system in real-time. The host transforms the analogue video signals and sound signals into electronic data and squeezes them for online transmitting.

A NDVR documents video based on motion or some other event as well as the recordings might be viewed on or offsite. We will add a software to allows us to see stay and documented video clip for as much as 16 digital cameras simultaneously. We will put into action one NDVR but our program supports multiple NDVRs in one set up.

A NDVR could be set up remain-alone, with video seen through its inlayed web host but we will use it in conjunction with our HAI OmniPro IIe so digital cameras could be viewed on OmniTouch 5.7e, OmniTouch 8, OmniTouch Portables, within the Internet, or perhaps a Smart phone.

With this project we are going to use one HAI NDVR attached to 4 wireless analogue digital cameras – one for that play room, one for the SPA, one for your front yard and one for that yard, both of these final one will work with motion detector and 3 axis control. We are going to give a 250Gb USB external hard drive to boost the NDVR storage space capability. Two OmniTouch 8 will complete our selection in addition to a Internet/Television inferface.

We could later give a 2nd NDVR to increase the camera matter to 8.

Sprinkler system – To automate our DIY Home Automation Systems we replace the current system with a Rain8net which may drive up to 2040 irrigation areas or valves.

We will use the Pro edition as all valve cables and connections are protected against lights surges and also the RS232 and network connections are shielded from ESD and lighting – more expensive compared to regular one but far more safeguarded.

We shall put in a weather station to monitor the local weather conditions to prevent watering throughout windy times or once the every week complete of rainfall is over 1″ for instance.

Audio syndication – For this home automation project, we shall do lavish and us the NuVo Grand Concerto type of items.

With six audio source inputs for multi-source capability including ipod device and PCs, and up to eight listening zones (extensible to sixteen areas) the Lavish Concerto will provide every thing we require.

We are able to include several NuVo OLED to manage the tunes or use the HAI color Liquid crystal display sections.

As being a source we will add a Sirius tuner, a NuVO Songs server and several NuVo songs ports.

We could select any kind of audio speakers within the Lavish Concerto array.

Wiring is going to be toughest part as speakers will need to get linked to the NuVo program.

Home Theater – To build our home theatre we are going to foundation it on the fix HDTV projection display screen about 150″ diagonal a network dependent HDTV projector along with a NuVo dependent sound system.

It will probably be pricey nevertheless the video and audio quality will be the same as an actual movie theater.

Utilizing network dependent video clip gear with permit to look at web based news and films, to change to security digital cameras without having leaving the movie theater and why not carry out some function whilst watching a game title.

Spa and swimming pool area administration – Spas and swimming pools management is very easy but you’ll have to have it prepared and hard wired with a certified expert.

We will use distant wired thermostat sensors to measure the heat, why not chemical substance sensor to offer dry contact once the chemical level goes below a predefined point – this may set an alarm off or xfmmyd a macro in the OmniPro to power over a delivery technique.

Making use of the OmniPro enter and productivity contact, it’s super easy to make macro to run pumps, home heating units and alarm systems.

This must be done by a certified expert to make sure cellular phone is safe. Keep in mind water electrical power = big problem.

Best DIY Home Automation System – What To Consider..

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