Suwon Area Prosecutors’ Workplace is investigating Shincheonji Church founder Lee Man-hee for his claimed role inside the fast distribute of the coronavirus in Korea, the office stated Sunday.

Of 3,526 confirmed patients, 2,113 are Shincheonji members, in accordance with the federal government, Weekend.

Final Thursday, a group of former Shincheonji filed a criminal analysis with the prosecutors’ workplace accusing Lee of interfering with the government’s work to have the computer virus.

“By submitting fake documents, they have impeded the us government in their epidemiological endeavours against the new coronavirus,” the audience stated in front of the area prosecutors’ office. Failing to comply with the us government in the infectious illness-directed crisis could be punished with as many as two years’ jail.

Initially, the church refused to discuss a list in excess of 200,000 chapel associates with all the federal government. Under expanding pressure, the chapel lastly handed a list towards the federal government, but still drew judgments because it was allegedly unfinished and incorrect.

The audience claimed Lee was behind the church’s misinformation try.

On Sunday, Seoul Mayor Park Earned-quickly also asked chief prosecutor Yoon Seok-youl to detain Lee quickly.

“The prosecution should detain him for the distribute in the new coronavirus,” Park published on Facebook. “That’s exactly what the criminal prosecution is for. If the church and Lee do not take action, the city will even ask for a illegal analysis for homicide by willful negligence.”

Earlier, Park reported that this set of associates the church provided failed to match the names the city obtained itself. Park charged the chapel of doctoring a list.

Along with the false details within the paperwork, the sect also lied about its missionary operate in Wuhan. The chapel consistently rejected till a week ago it had made new converts within the Oriental city, the epicenter of the new coronavirus. The Ministry of Proper rights stated Weekend that 42 Shincheonji members experienced came into Korea from China because July.

If the prosecution detains Lee, it would be an additional high-profile case concerning a spiritual sect. In 2014, the criminal prosecution hunted down another spiritual sect innovator held accountable for the Sewol ferry catastrophe, in which hpeyvq than 300 travellers passed away.

A Shincheonji professional said secrecy was the sect’s determining characteristic and that the chapel would not completely comply without having a show of actual physical power.

The expert also warned that the number of verified cases would continue to grow unless the government cracked upon the church’s missionary work, in whose main method is to sign up with other church buildings as supposed new converts then poach the churches’ associates.

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